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Meet Mark's creepy and crawly collection of live animal ambassadors! All are captive raised and are never, under any circumstance, taken from the wild. Take a detailed look into the lives of these amazing creatures and the important role they play in Mark's educational programs.
This will also give you another opportunity to learn about the animals that you see at the show!  Please click on each photo for more information!


Name: Giant Black Millipede
Origin: tropical/sub-tropic Africa
Size: 12 to 14 inches
Habitat: forests and deserts
Name: Hissing Roach
Origin: Madagascar
Size 3.5 to 4 inches
Habitat: tropical rainforest
Name: Rose Hair Tarantula
Origin: N. Chile, Argetina
Size: up  to 5 inch legspan
Habitat: dry scrubland
Name: Brown Tarantula
Origin: OK, TX KS, United Staes
Size: 4  to 5 inches
Habitat: south western praire
Name: Chaco Gold-Knee
Origin: Uraguay S. America
Size8 inches
Habitat: tropical rainforest
Name: Red-Knee Tarantula
Origin: Seirra Madre, Mexico
Size6 to 7 inches
Habitat: scrubland forested areas
Name: BlackTarantula
Origin: Grand Canyon river valley
Size 4 to 5 inches
Habitat: scrubland, desert
Name: Malaysian Banded Trapdoor
Origin: Malaysia
Size: up to 2 1/2 legspan
Habitat: burrows in earthen banks
Name: Desert Hairy Scorpion
Origin: SW USA - Arizona
Size: 4-6 inches largest species in US
Habitat: dry scrub desert
Name: Tailless Whip Scorpion
Origin: Africa
Size 2-3 inches
Habitat: subterranean
Name: Spiny Stick Insect
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Size: up to 6 inches
Habitat: tropical rainforests
Name:Annam Walking Stick
Size: 4 to 5 inches
Habitat: tropical rainforests
Name:Madagascan Stick Insect
Size: up to 4 inches
Habitat: tropical rainforests
Name:European Praying Mantis
Origin:Southern Europe
Size2-3  inches
Habitat: grasslands, woods, ect.
Name: Desert Millipede
Origin: New Mexico, AZ, TX
Size: up to 7 inches in length
Habitat: desert, scrubland
Name: Tadpole Shrimp
Origin: North /South America, Japan
Size: up to 2 inches
Name: White's Tree Frog
Origin: New Guinea, Australia
Size: 4 to 5 inches
Habitat: rainforests
Name: Green & Gold Bell Frog
Origin: SE Australia
Size: up  to 4.3 inches
Habitat: coastal swamps, forest
Name: Mexican Axolotl
Origin: Near Mexico City
Size: up to 12 inches in length
Habitat: cool mountain lakes
Name: Rubber Eel
Origin: Columbia, Venezuela
Size: 18 to 22 inches
Habitat: rivers, marshes, lakes
Name: Desert Sand Goanna
Origin: Central Australia
Size: up  to 48 inches
Habitat: very hot interior desert
Name: Eyelash Gecko
Origin: New Caladonia
Size: 5 to 8 inches
Habitat: tropical rainforest
Name: Gargoyle Gecko
Origin: Southern New Caladonia
Size: up to 5 inches
Habitat: scrub forest
Name: Bullsnake
Origin: ecentral Canada to Mexico
Size: 6 feet, record is 8 1/3 ft.
Habitat: open prairies in sandy areas
Name: Blue & Gold Macaw
Origin: Central to South America
Size: up to 3 feet head to tail
Habitat: tropical rainforest
Name: Bourke's Parakeet
Origin: Australia
Size: 7 1/2 inches
Habitat: hot dry desert, scrubland
Name: Senegal Bichir
Origin: east west and central Africa
Size: 12 to 16 inches.
Habitat: rivers and lakes
Name: African Lungfish
Origin: west Africa
Size: 30 inches +
Habitat: rivers and streams
Name: Elephantnose Fish
Origin: W. Africa, Congo Basin
Size: up to 17 inches
Habitat: clean rivers
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