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March 17, 2009
The Eurasian Robin and the English Garden


This was written as a description of the English Robin for the West Seneca Middle School annual production of The Secret Garden...
The Eurasian Robin and the English Garden
Erithhacus rubecuia ..

The traditional English garden is a masterpiece of controlled beauty .An artistic use of color, texture, and form creates the illusion of a natural setting. In the pastelled midst of this consuming serenity streaks a sudden flash of rusty red, a blur of erratic energy sparked by nature. This spirit-like creature is the common, yet mystical Eurasian, or "English" Robin. The decidedly wild visitor is ashy, and reclusive bird in it's eastern range,shunning civilization altogether, however, in England it is uncharacteristically tame.

Whether this due to the English gardeners masterful use of the floral palette, or the sense of security afforded it by nesting among twisting, twining vines, or some other unseen force is impossible for us to know. What we do know is that the English Robin is an integral part of the aesthetic loveliness we hold so near in our memories, and so very dear in our hearts for as long as we breathe the sweet fragrances, and listen to the gentle whispers in our very own SecretGarden.
Mark C. Carra

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